Managed Print Can Prevent Hacking and Theft


Hacking printers is becoming a huge problem for companies of all sizes. Printer hacking is easier than other network access points and can cross brands and industries.

Printer hacking can involve stolen data, document theft, broken hardware, disconnected networks, and more. Updated printers and multifunction machines that are specifically network connected are major vulnerabilities.

Preserving Company Culture and Community During the New Normal

The COVID-19 virus has forced many on premise businesses to transition into a remote workforce. By now you know if you have been successful in this transition or if you are continuing to struggle. Through planning and process Usherwood was prepared to clear that first hurdle without much issue. Utilizing the Microsoft Teams as our unified communications platform, we have been able to securely collaborate using voice, video and document sharing to continue our day to day operations without interruption. What about the next hurdle?...

To Zoom or Not To Zoom

Of all the things to come out of our time at home due to the COVID-19 crisis I think it’s fair to say that “Zoombombing” was not something any of us saw coming. I include Zoom themselves in that. With Zoom use up 20x what it was prior to our current circumstances they are feeling the pains that come with security that wasn’t quite ready for commercial primetime. See this link for more:

6 Ways to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider


Managed services can change the game in your business. Implementing managed IT services and other electronic outsourced systems like print management can shift the stress of overseeing operational departments off of your shoulders.

Figuring out how to optimize operations and cost while troubleshooting issues is a big deal and a challenge that you don’t have to face as a business owner consistently.

You can change the situation with managed services, but you want to get the right managed service provider – like any assistance company, they are not all created equal.

eGoldFax in the Home Office

What if I told you that you that you could bring your office home with you? What if that included not only your PC, but your ability to communicate with and see your co-workers and contacts all from your desk? What if I told you that even the ability to fax was within your reach all from the comfort of your home and without additional hardware?

Working from Home - The Cybersecurity Edition

So, your organization has decided to work from home, likely in response to COVID-19 and the pandemic we are all facing. I know, you were expecting pajama pants, slippers, and total comfort. Turns out that, while yes you have those things, it’s just like regular work. Only now it feels like you were separated from the group, almost as if you did something wrong. On top of that? What about security? Are we not facing the ever-present threat of that bad guys trying to get at our personal info, and other protected data?

4 Ways Managed Print Makes a Difference to Real Estate Companies


Real estate is booming with an active economy, a seller's market, and more agents than ever before. While the industry is enjoying a busy time, that means it's more important than ever to invest in the operations and workflow of your company to ensure that your team is as productive, efficient, and effective as they can be.


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