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Sean Hope, Director of Managed Print Services

Sean Hope has been the Director of Managed Print Services for Usherwood since 2015. Working with our Managed IT Services division has provided him with the insight to recognize the emerging cybersecurity threats relative to the print world.

Historically printers have not been much of a consideration in most organizations’ cyber security strategies, but that is exactly what has made them an attractive attack vector for hackers. In the past, the basic assumption was that a secure firewall was the extent of what is necessary to keep printers secure, but that is no longer sufficient because “the bad guys” know that these are soft targets sitting on corporate networks. 

Managed Print | Cyber Security

Perhaps you have heard the term “Zero Trust” at some point over the last couple years. If so, hopefully it was in the context of cybersecurity and not as part of a couple’s therapy session. Even if you have heard the phrase…even if you understand the technical aspects of how to execute a Zero Trust network architecture…or perhaps because you already know just how difficult it is to actually migrate to such an environment…it remains light years from being the reality for most organizations.