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Many healthcare providers have pivoted after the COVID-19 pandemic to offer telehealth services. This creates a unique challenge for healthcare cybersecurity compliance outlined by HIPAA. This is because telehealth communications platforms will likely need to store and secure protected health information (PHI).

Managed Communications | Microsoft

By: Sarah Goltz, Content Manager
June 9th, 2022

Are you considering Microsoft Teams for communication? You'd be among many businesses considering the switch. After all, it's a useful and popular tool for companies to communicate and collaborate effectively in the digital age.

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By: Sarah Goltz, Content Manager
May 20th, 2022

Are you interested in learning more about Microsoft 365 Business Voice? Are you wondering if Microsoft 365 Business Voice would be a good investment for your business? Well, you're in the right place.

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By: Sarah Goltz, Content Manager
January 19th, 2021

When selecting a communications platform for your business, comparing your options side-by-side is important. Cloud-based business communications solutions like Zoom and Microsoft Teams will have many features in common. However, what's the difference between Microsoft Teams and Zoom? Zoom Is a Newer Platform Zoom is a much newer company, while Microsoft has been around for a long time. Since Zoom is a newer organization founded in 2020, it is more prone to bugs in cybersecurity than more established companies. The platform experienced security issues when unauthorized individuals began joining private calls. This issue was eventually resolved, but it raises the question of whether Zoom's overall security features can measure up to hackers. Unlike Zoom, Microsoft has been around for a very long time. As an established company, it has fewer reported security issues. Teams is a newer platform for Microsoft, but it is built on a strong foundation from years of development. Complexity and Range of Collaboration Tools Zoom offers a platform that is easy to use for any skill level and gives you basic functionality from video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording. If you are looking for the most basic communication system, then Zoom may be the better fit for you. Zoom is only used for video meetings and does not integrate as seamlessly as Teams with other systems. Therefore, you will need additional tools for activities like SMS chat functions and project management. However, this makes Zoom simpler to learn for those who only want the basics. Teams as a Dynamic Alternative to Zoom When comparing Zoom vs Microsoft Teams, there's no question of which platform offers more integration. As an extension of Microsoft 365, MS Teams can integrate seamlessly and offer an all-inclusive communication channel. Join or plan a video conference, schedule meetings with attendees via your calendar, and chat with your members before and after the meeting. Although most email hosting providers offer Zoom integrations, Teams is a more dynamic system overall. Hundreds of apps can integrate with Teams, which can simplify your project management and collaboration. You can also save all your files into Teams so you do not need to go elsewhere to upload them. You can also retrieve conversations stored within the platform for future reference. How is Microsoft Teams Like Zoom? Microsoft Teams and Zoom overlap quite a bit in the features they offer. Both Zoom and Microsoft Teams offer collaboration features such as: Screensharing functions Breakout rooms Document sharing Voice calling Whiteboard tools In-call chat features Along with these video conferencing tools, both platforms offer security features to help prevent unauthorized access to meetings. Both use multi-factor authentication (MFA) and waiting rooms to verify participants before they can join a call. How to Choose a Video Conferencing Solution It's wise to partner with a managed communications provider with experience in your industry. They should be well-versed in your industry, so you can meet data security requirements and get the most out of your cloud-based communications software. If you're ready to invest in efficient and convenient unified communications, click the button below to speak to an experienced managed communications expert.

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By: Becky Enck, Digital Marketing Specialist
September 18th, 2020

About Northwood School Northwood is a boarding school located in Lake Placid, NY. The school includes grades 9-12, plus a post graduate year and offers competitive academic and athletic programs. There are about 190 students from all around the United States (and the world!) that attend and about 85% of them live on campus. Northwood is a very well-rounded educational institution, that helps students gain the knowledge necessary to sculpt them for future success. The Issue with Learning During a Pandemic Due to COVID-19, sending students into schools the way it was done traditionally is no longer an option and most likely won’t be for some time. Whether it means going to fully remote learning, bringing students in and splitting up into smaller sizes, or doing a hybrid with half in person and half online, it’s still far from what was considered to be “normal”. The pandemic forced many institutions, such as Northwood, to reevaluate their previous teaching structures. In Northwood’s case, they had to come up with a plan that would allow their students to receive a superior education, all while accommodating the structure of going fully online for classes. Northwood School was looking for the ability to provide the most interactive experience, both in and outside of the classroom. They also wanted to consolidate onto a single platform, instead of having separate conferencing, voice, and email platforms. For such a prestigious school, it was important they have a workflow solution that would allow both faculty and students to operate at their highest efficiency. The solution would need to grow with the school as the environment continues to expand and change. Usherwood wanted to make sure Northwood was provided with just that. Solving Remote Learning through Technology Usherwood’s mission was to provide Northwood a solution that would deliver the highest level of education to their students. Together, Usherwood and Northwood created a solution that would allow them to integrate all their communication methods into a single solution. Usherwood deployed the 12 room solutions in a single day. The deployment included 3 buildings on campus, as well as their Innovation Hub located in downtown Lake Placid. The overall solution included: Implementation of Microsoft Office 365 for staff: Microsoft Office O365 was chosen because it uses powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security allowing students and faculty to communicate effortlessly, share documents, create meetings, and create virtual classrooms. Migration from Skype to Microsoft Teams: Teams is a powerful extension of Microsoft Office 365. Teams was implemented because it seamlessly integrated voice communication, video conferencing, and virtual classroom communication. Email Migration from Google to Microsoft Office 365: Switching from Google to Microsoft Office 365 email platform allowed all the applications that make up the solutions to have a more seamless integration. Industry Leading Equipment: Classrooms were outfitted with durable and versatile carts housing 65” displays, voice, and video equipment allowing for the application to create the virtual classroom. Staff were outfitted with a mix of headsets, compact speaker phones, handsets, and high-resolution video cameras so that they would be able to communicate seamlessly with other staff and students. What did the implementation look like? The application portion of the solution was configured prior to deployment. The Northwood’s staff was trained on how to use the solution and was encouraged to practice utilizing demo systems in the weeks prior to the solution going live. The hardware portion was preassembled and configured at Usherwood. The entire solution was then wrapped and readied for transport at Usherwood. To be sure that the delivery didn’t interfere with the students or staff working at Northwood, the solution was delivered based on room availability and class schedules. Each solution was unwrapped, powered on, and tested to validate proper connectivity. Usherwood executed the deployment in a single day, to assure that Northwood was up and operational with it in no downtime. To assure that there were no surprises on day two, a Senior Applications Engineer and a Managed Solutions Specialist were onsite to verify that there were no issues and assist with any questions that may arise. An Opportunity for Growth in the Education Space Northwood will have the ability to communicate, hold online classrooms, and give assignments effortlessly. Students are even getting the opportunity to use and master an application that is heavily prevalent in the business world. Using Teams as a platform for school will prepare them for using it in their careers upon graduation. Northwood quickly adapted to their new environment in order to give their students the education they deserve, and for that we were so excited to have had the opportunity to work with them and become partners. If there is anything positive to come of the pandemic, COVID-19 provided an opportunity for the world to reimagine education. As new problems arrived for schools, technology companies like Usherwood were able to develop new solutions to help navigate a new learning/teaching process. This was the first time Usherwood entered the classroom with a Microsoft Teams solution. However, Usherwood, like many institutions, found the need to create virtual classroom settings to solve the new challenges facing educators. This period has been a new journey for so many industries and as a technology company, it has been a rewarding experience working with other industries and reveal the opportunity for immense levels of innovative growth.