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We are pleased to announce that Don Foley has accepted the promotion to Vice President of Sales. In his capacity,  Don will be leading the sales team across all lines of business, including Managed IT, Managed Print, and Managed Communications.


We are pleased to welcome Kyle Otto as our newest Solutions Architect to the Rochester team. In his position, Kyle will specialize in the design and implementation of business solutions with a focus on our Managed IT services.

Historically printers have not been much of a consideration in most organizations’ cyber security strategies, but that is exactly what has made them an attractive attack vector for hackers. In the past, the basic assumption was that a secure firewall was the extent of what is necessary to keep printers secure, but that is no longer sufficient because “the bad guys” know that these are soft targets sitting on corporate networks. 

By: Stewart Walts, VP of Managed IT Services
September 20th, 2022

Incidents like what happened with Microsoft Exchange Zero Day, Solarwinds, and Colonial Pipeline all had common threads. Chief among them being the lax attitude towards cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury, or a fancy add-on. It is an absolute requirement. You would not leave the doors to your home unlocked and hope the bad guys do not notice. Yet, without effective and thoughtful security measures, you have done exactly that with your business. Still, we often hear objections and here are some of the most common.

Managed Print | Cyber Security

Perhaps you have heard the term “Zero Trust” at some point over the last couple years. If so, hopefully it was in the context of cybersecurity and not as part of a couple’s therapy session. Even if you have heard the phrase…even if you understand the technical aspects of how to execute a Zero Trust network architecture…or perhaps because you already know just how difficult it is to actually migrate to such an environment…it remains light years from being the reality for most organizations.


We are excited to announce Jennifer Powell as our newest Billing Coordinator to the Syracuse office. In her position, Jennifer will be responsible for generating contract invoices, collecting meter readings, and daily reconciliations. 


Join us in congratulating Denis TenEyck for his 20th year at Usherwood Office Technology. Denis started in 2002 and is a Major Account Representatives in Central New York. Denis supports our clients at Crouse Hospital, Syracuse University, Loretto along with our other valuable clients within the region. “Denis has been everything any employer could wish for. He is humble, hardworking and driven to take care of our clients," says company CEO, Lou Usherwood. "Denis represents the type of culture that has been instrumental in allowing Usherwood to achieve our year over year growth!”

managed IT Services | Cyber Security

By: Sarah Goltz, Content Manager
August 24th, 2022

What are the FTC Safeguard rules for automotive dealerships? When do you need to have your dealership compliant with these new rules? Why do automotive dealerships require security compliance? In this article we are going to help you get all of these questions answered. 

By: Sarah Goltz, Content Manager
August 20th, 2022

You're researching office technology companies, and suddenly, you're wondering, do you want to work with a national or local provider? If you're considering national companies there is a good chance you are looking into Ricoh. They have a very large footprint throughout the united states.