How Printers Can Benefit School Budgets


Academic institutions of all levels are always looking for ways to cut budgets but still offer an excellent product – and the very important product of education at that. However, balancing all the costs and needs of a school is incredibly challenging.

Luckily, there are a few ways that schools can reconsider simple business aspects of the institution to find savings.

5 Tips to Stay Away from Equipment Scams


It seems like scams are everywhere these days, and it can be pretty discouraging. But avoiding these scams is easier because if you are aware of what’s out there, you’ll be sure to evaluate all offers that come your way.

It’s important, as a business owner, to be skeptical when necessary and to train employees that jumping on board for any good deal can often lead to a scam issue. Covering the bases makes it much easier to avoid equipment and software scams in your business.

Are You Saving Big with Managed Print?


You’ve heard of managed print services at this point in the office world. Well, if not, here’s a quick rundown: managed print services help your business by taking the annoying tasks of printing off your hands.

From supply ordering to repair coordinating to budget management to policy changes to print audits, managed print has you covered for everything.

4 New Security Features for Your Office


Security for the digital side of your company may seem like an endless search – there are always updates and new features to invest in.

However, partnering with a rock-solid team for security can make it easier to keep up with such advancements. The truth is, cybersecurity is essential for your business and is not something that is going away. It’s only becoming more serious.

With that, let’s discuss why it’s essential, and cover a few new features that will make security a breeze for you.

MFPs are Not Just for Large Businesses

Printer, copier, scanner. Office table

A multifunction printer may sound like a large-scale machine, but it's a major answer for any size business. If you're a small or medium-sized business, don't think you shouldn't invest in an MFP.

Small Business Solutions

Today's MFP has many roles in the workplace. In addition to providing an all-in-one solution for printing, copying, faxing, and scan to email, the MFP has finishing solutions and security protections to keep you ahead.

Tips for High Volume Scanning and Copying


Increasing volume and requests is a win for almost any company. It means more clients, more business, and more profits. Also, sometimes, it can mean a bit of a catching-up process, depending on how planned the boom or growth has been.

Don’t let a good thing become a bad thing. When you’re looking at high volume, get on top of it by ensuring your copiers and printers can keep up. Below are some helpful tips from business managers who faced fast growth.

Managed Print Boosts Sustainability in Three Key Ways


Every business is ready to make some improvements to sustainability. In today’s business environment, it can mean significant cost savings, customer loyalty, and client recruitment, in addition to the clear environmental benefits. Why not focus on something so beneficial?

Luckily, there are services in place that make boosting sustainability easier than you would imagine. For example, managed print can drastically cut the costs of an out of control print environment while reducing waste and increasing productivity. It’s a win/win from every angle.

4 Reasons to Invest in Comprehensive IT Support

managed IT services

As a manager, you are always looking ahead for what needs to be done next. What solutions are there for potential problems? How can you address new customer demands? What is changing in your industry?

With the constant analysis, come concerns about business operations as well. You’re wondering how your business can evolve, be cost-efficient, recruit the best talent, and stay ahead of the competition, all while gaining top clients. It’s a lot to have on your mind.

Stay Ahead of Printer Problems


Printer problems can slow you down. Soon enough, there's a line at the printer, people are using alternative solutions that aren't high-quality, and everyone is frustrated. Stay proactive in your print environment, and don't let it come to that.

Printer problems often are a result of ignoring something that is just a cost burden. For example, a non-functioning printer or other office machinery that is outdated and on its last leg. Much like a water heater for your house, it's not a fun investment, but it's one that you can't do without.

Tips for Upgrading Your Law Firm’s Office Equipment

law firm

Law offices are part of a document-heavy industry that has found many solutions for digital use, but still needs plenty of hard copy files. This is something to recognize about your industry and evaluate ways to make the best of it. Mostly by finding investments for office equipment that can cut how much you spend on paper and hard copy materials.


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