Paper Cut and other Print and Copy Solutions


While many companies allow occasional personal use of office machines and equipment, it is common practice to take advantage of this offering. Almost 80% of office workers tend to run personal projects on office equipment. This can increase your print costs substantially while not even addressing business needs.

Is there a better way to control your print and copy output?

Absolutely. You don’t want to create a blanket policy against personal printing, because that can make employees go directly against a policy, retaliate, or significantly reduce morale.

Instead, copiers now have various features that can address print controls, and these can be part of a larger managed print solution. You can include software such as PaperCut, a helpful print solution that integrates with MFPs to address printing issues.

Expanding Productivity of Copiers

PaperCut can help to track users, print jobs, and help reduce the use of paper. Not only will this create a cost-saving solution, but it will also increase your office sustainability. PaperCut can control various types of printing – like black and white over color – and will track data on who may be printing more than is technically allowed.

Getting the Right Product

PaperCut is the best solution for addressing print and copy needs. It’s a flexible software solution that uses security permissions, print settings, and other MFP features to control over printing and help manage your print budget. Ensure you are getting the right product by talking to the experts at Usherwood – they know printing.

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