What is uniFlOW Online?

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uniFLOW Online is one solution to secure your print and scan environment. uniFLOW Online provides cloud print management with various job submission pathways as well as comprehensive cloud scan management functionalities.

What is Cloud Printing?

Companies can track their print, scan, copy, and export reports through cloud printing. Cloud printing is printing via an internet connection.
A wide range of Canon MFPs and SFPs support cloud printing. Multivendor devices can also become part of the secure print environment, thanks to the uniFLOW Release Station.

Gain Control Over Costs

One of the best ways to cut unnecessary costs is to ensure users print only what they need. You can track, assess, and chargeback all printing, copying, scanning, and faxing costs with uniFLOW. This means you can divide costs to departments or specific projects effectively.
Your organization can track savings made through improved printing practices. One improved practice might be deleting Secure Print jobs that have been sitting in the print queue. With this information, you can establish better printing rules and improved ROI.

Improve Office Productivity

uniFLOW Online enables employees to print from mobile devices or cloud services. They can also scan to a variety of scan destinations. This gives greater flexibility in office workflows.
Users can print from wherever they would like. There is no longer the need to wait until you get back to your desk to send something to the printer. Users can send a job from a mobile device to a secure print queue where it will be managed accordingly for that user. Both personal and work email accounts can be accounted for on the print device.

Increase Device and Document Security

uniFLOW keeps confidential documents protected with its secure print release function. This allows users to send documents to a printer from anywhere. The document will not be released until they verify their identity, which will either permit or prohibit access.
uniFLOW Online restricts printer access to authorized users only. Users can choose Multi-factor Authentication methods for the multi-function device. There are several different authentication methods, including:
  • Card log-in
  • PIN code
  • Username and password login
  • Job code
  • Anonymous login
Any of these authentications can allow someone to release a print from their secure print queues.

Reduce Your Impact on the Environment

Reduce environmental impact and support sustainability initiatives by optimizing printing procedures. Print jobs can often be completely forgotten about resulting in papers being left in the tray, forgotten about, and wasted.
With Secure release functions, forgotten documents sent to the printer will not be printed unless authorized, saving your company a lot of wasted paper and toner. By accurately monitoring usage and savings, uniFLOW can illustrate how many trees or how many grams of CO2 have been saved.
These reports can show how your organization has helped reduce print usage. It can also illustrate if your organization has a lot of unnecessary usage. This can motivate people to be more conscientious of their print use, resulting in a positive environmental impact.

What industries can benefit from uniFLOW Online?

  • Schools/universities •Banks/Financial Institutions
  • Municipalities
  • Libraries
  • Healthcare
  • Legal
  • Typically, businesses with 20 or more users
  • Anyone attempting to employ a zero-trust environment

If your business has been looking into any of the following print management solutions, uniFLOW Online is a great option!

  • Cloud printing and scanning.
  • Eliminating print server.
  • Serverless printing and scanning.
  • Print Management.
  • Document security.

Finding a print management solution that suits your business goals is very important. Look for a managed print company that is familiar with uniFLOW and cloud printing. From there, you'll be well on your way to creating a more streamlined and sustainable print management system for your business.