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5 Tips To Ensure You’re With The Best Managed Service Provider For Your Business

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Are you unsure if your current managed service provider is the right one for you?

When it comes to managed IT, it’s essential to know that your network is in the right hands. What might have worked once may not be working anymore. Or maybe you’re just not getting the services that you could be with another provider. Well, there is no time for settling when it comes to managing IT. It’s time to get yourself in the hands of a managed IT provider who will provide you with all the tools necessary to help your business succeed.


Having a reliable and trustworthy provider managing your IT can lead to growth, an enhanced workflow, and productivity for your business. The riskier side of this is that if your IT is managed by a partner who is not diligent and following best practices, this can have a very negative impact on your business.


As a managed service provider, we often have businesses looking to fulfill their IT needs because their current provider is not. There are many ways to recognize if your provider is not sufficiently supporting you. We are here to help you on this journey and provide you decide, should you stay or should you go? 


Are you unsure if your current managed service provider is the right one for you? Here are five questions you should ask yourself to ensure that you aren’t wasting your time with an insufficient MSP.


  1. Is your MSP available when you need them?  

Having an IT provider that is available when you need them is vital to the wellbeing of your business. No one wants to be put on hold when they have an internal crisis with their network. An MSP that isn’t there to assist you when you're having problems will put work productivity to a halt and place your network at risk of worsening in the meantime.


Before partnering, make sure you have a clear understanding of the communication channel and ticket escalation system. If you find yourself sending in a service request and not getting a quick response time, this can be a clear sign that you need a new managed service provider.   


  1. Is their response time fast?  

The first step to a sound IT provider is that they are available, but if they are not quick with servicing and getting your company back on track, this can be an even bigger issue. It is essential to know that servicing will not require a lot of downtime that could compromise work getting done. 


The managed service team you choose should be able to relieve your headache if something is to happen with your network unexpectedly. If you are with the right provider, they will be attentive and work diligently to get your issues resolved as quickly as possible.  


  1. Are they providing you with an annual budget plan? 

No one likes to be blindsided by unexpected costs and fees. A well-managed service provider will ensure that you have a predictable budget to make sure it is easy to plan accordingly for the future. Every expense and charge should be accounted for and signed off by you. 


Your managed service provider should be there for personalized budget planning assistance and a forward-thinking mindset to ensure that you are budgeting for your IT and future success accordingly.  


  1. Do they have a disaster recovery plan and an incident response plan? 

If the provider you are working with does not have a plan for when unexpected disasters arise, this should be a red flag. It is essential to have a provider planning for worst-case scenarios so that incidents don’t turn into a significant business interruption and financial loss when they do occur.


Your provider should also help you and your users plan for cyber-attacks or network crashes by providing a plan and training to minimize damage and ensure timely recovery. Note that some state laws and industry regulations require this for both you and your managed services provider.  


  1. Are they able to scale your business for future growth? 

If you are a new or growing business, you must have all the necessary tools to set yourself up for future growth. Your IT provider should have the resources to take on any IT plans or projects to assist your business. If you feel like your IT is holding you back from future success, it is a clear sign to switch to a new provider. 


Your provider should have the latest technology to ensure all your equipment is refreshed and up to date. If you are using outdated equipment, this can slow systems that can decrease user productivity. 


Not only can outdated equipment decrease productivity, but it can also open doors to security vulnerabilities. They typically don’t have the software necessary to protect against the latest IT and cybersecurity threats with old equipment.


Having new equipment lets you install the latest firearms and threat detectors to keep your users and your confidential information secure. Dealing with unexpected breaches can immediately halt your projects and team productivity, forcing you to focus your time and energy on getting back up and running rather than your company’s ultimate goals. 


Your managed service provider should also have a specialized team for each area of your diverse IT infrastructure to ensure they can provide assistance and training on current or new technology. They can also quickly and seamlessly onboard new users as your company begins to grow. If your Managed IT provider is not able to provide support for your ever-changing environment, then it is time to switch.  



Why Is Your Managed Service Provider So Important?


Managed IT services allow your business to run smoothly and help minimize the risk of network crashes. But your network security and efficiency are only as good as your provider. For this reason, whether you currently have a managed service provider or are looking for one, the four questions above must be taken heavily into consideration.  


Your Managed IT should be more than just keeping things functioning like “normal.” It should be setting your business for strategic moves and future success while also making everything run seamlessly in the background. Making the right decision on managed IT can help your business save time, save money, and improve workflow. 


It can also set up your company for future growth by promoting new IT practices and solutions to stay competitive within your industry. If your managed service provider is not meeting your qualifications, it is essential to take that concern to them and see what can be done or make a change.  


Wondering If Your MSP Isn’t The Best Fit For Your Business?

These five questions should be a baseline for you to evaluate whether or not your current provider is meeting the requirements they should be. If they are meeting these requirements on any of the five topics above, it is a good sign you may want to start reconsidering and looking into another managed service provider. They could be placing your business at risk and even holding you back from future growth.


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If you are interested in the following steps to finding the right provider, set up a consultation and see if we are the right fit for your business model.