Client Journey: CNY Staffing Firm Gets Customized IT Solutions to Keep Pace with Growth


CR Fletcher is a full-service staffing firm located in Syracuse, NY. The business places candidates with companies in all industries, and its location in the heart of Syracuse allows them to work easily with their many Central New York clients.

With the company's success and growth in the CNY region, a need arose for more robust IT services and support.

Growth Coming with Increased IT Demands

Originally, the staffing firm worked with a provider they would call on an as-needed basis. They realized they needed local IT services in Syracuse, NY to take a more active role with support staff that could offer a wide variety of services.

“As our business grew, we realized we needed more of a managed service provider where we had a dedicated point of contact, a team who knew us, and the ability to reach out with whatever issues we have,” said President of CR Fletcher Temps & Industrial Michelle Jevis.

A Comprehensive IT Strategy

Upon bringing on Usherwood as an IT partner, CR Fletcher experienced the convenience of having their own Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) to provide tech support throughout the workday.

“Our primary role [with CR Fletcher] is making sure that their IT is not a concern day-to-day, so they can concentrate on their business,” said Nate Hock, a Virtual Chief Information Officer at Usherwood.

Usherwood VCIOs focus on creating and executing comprehensive IT and cybersecurity solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. This in turn results in fewer IT issues stemming from inefficient or inadequate devices and security.

“For us, it’s keeping the network running, making sure their users can be efficient and productive, and then of course making sure that we can help them with any security concerns,” said Hock of Usherwood's approach to information technology services.

Adding Structure to Reduce the Stress of IT

In addition to a focus on security, Usherwood has helped CR Fletcher plan long term technology goals. This includes simple things such as hardware replacement, and forward-thinking details like new software platforms and technologies that interest them.

“It just gives us peace of mind that we don’t have to worry about who’s handling what. We can make the one phone call, and Usherwood will help,” said Joanne Rauch, President of CR Fletcher Associates.

How to Find Quality Information Tech Companies in Syracuse, NY

As one of the top IT companies in Syracuse, NY, Usherwood serves a wide variety of industries including professional services. This made Usherwood a great fit for CR Fletcher, with its many knowledgeable and local Syracuse IT support technicians. To read more about how to find the best Syracuse IT services, check out our article: The Best Managed IT Companies in Syracuse, New York.

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