The Best Managed IT Companies in Syracuse, New York

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  If you are a business looking for a managed IT provider to handle your IT infrastructure, you are probably filling your web browsers with searches, trying to determine which is right for you. Well we are here to make your search for a provider in Syracuse a little easier.

As a managed IT service provider, we would love to state that we are the best in Syracuse, but that would simply not be true. Many other managed IT providers will also provide excellent service and support.

If you don't feel that Usherwood is the right fit for your business, you are not out of luck. There are many other providers that we would recommend. For that reason, we have decided to share some of the top 5 managed IT providers we recommend in Syracuse

Usherwood believes it is in our client's best interest to be honest and transparent. We have realized that this outlook has created the most successful long-term partnerships with clients. We find it valuable to be open to the other managed IT service providers in Syracuse that could be worth looking at.


1. ICS

Founded: 1986

Location: Syracuse, NY

ICS's managed IT services include:

  • Information Technology
  • Network Monitoring
  • Business Communications
  • Help Desk
  • Security and Compliance

ICS is a managed service provider that has been providing its services to clients for over 30 years. They will help you navigate through every phase of technology and are committed to integrity, innovation, and personalized, proactive, and professional customer service. ICS provides IT support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. 


2. ACC Technical Services

Founded: 2015 

Location: Syracuse, NY 

ACC Technical Services managed IT services include: 

  • Remote management
  • Proactive monitoring
  • IT projects 

ACC Technical Services started with IT support and networking solutions and added website and custom application development, digital marketing, and most recently cybersecurity and virtual CIO consulting. 


3. FunctionOne

Founded: 1992 

Location: Syracuse, NY 

FunctionOne managed IT services includ:

  • Computer Network Support
  • Computer Network Security
  • Computer system backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Outsourced IT Support

FunctionOne partners with clients to discover, implement, and manage technology based on their unique needs and future goals. They provide solutions to a wide range of industries with the goal of helping clients grow and enhance their business’s overall efficiency. 


4. Kishmish Inc


Location: Liverpool, NY  

Kishmish's managed IT services include: 

  • Managed IT
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Voice & Data

Kishmish is a boutique information technology that offers Network Services and Web Services. Although they are located in Syracuse, NY, they service clients in other locations by having remote members working nationwide. 


5. Infinit Technology Solutions

Location: East Syracuse, NY

Founded: 2005 

Infinit Technology Solutions managed IT services include:

  • Back up & Disaster Recovery
  • Anti-virus
  • Power Management
  • Voice & Data network
  • Wireless assessments
  • IT staffing & augmentation
  • Project management
  • Physical security & security planning
  • Cyber risk planning
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Client training & education

Infinit Technology Solutions was founded in 2005 and works with a variety of industries such as hospitality, restaurant, medical, and education markets. Their focus is on building relationships with a value proposition to provide over-the-top service and support for businesses. 


Ready to Find a Managed IT Provider?

To help you determine which companies could be a good option for you, we have chosen the 5 managed IT companies we suggest. These companies are great choices if you do not think Usherwood Office Technology is the right fit or would like to explore other options before committing.  


Now that you have information on your area's best managed IT providers, it is time to determine your company's needs. To help you feel more confident making a decision on your managed IT provider here are 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Committing to a Managed Service Provider


As a managed IT provider, we find it important to educate our clients rather than just sell to them. Which is why we created this list about other companies services. But, you may be wondering what exactly does Usherwood provide clients?


Usherwood’s managed IT services will provide you with an excellent support team and an optimized IT infrastructure. The value in choosing Usherwood is our services are provided by a team of well-trained and knowledgeable IT experts. Usherwood will create a personalized solution for your business and work with you to strategize long-term goals for your environment.


For more information on Usherwoods managed IT services and support, click here.