Why do I need to pay for a network assessment?

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Content contributed by Michael Brown, Senior Solutions Architect; Dan Smith, Director of Engineering Services; Stewart Walts, vCIO; Nathan Hock, vCIO

Everyone has experienced hiring a service for things that come up in their daily lives, whether it be plumbers, electricians, hair stylists, mechanics, etc. Something that you'll find in common with these services is that they don’t come without a price. Most likely you didn’t get help from these places for free, you had to pay for two reasons; the first because you don’t know how to do them yourself and the second because these services usually take a lot of time and resources for the person you hired. Not only do these services cost money, but there is also a level of quality involved and expected with the price you pay- the higher the cost, the higher the quality you expect, and the same goes for the opposite, the lower the cost, the lower your expectations for the service.

Just like any other service experience, hiring a company to perform a network assessment requires skill and effort to perform. The price will commonly reflect the results. A free assessment will not be nearly as thorough, and it is not likely the best tools will be used or that experienced engineers will perform the work. For this reason, a paid network assessment is recommended if you expect quality results.

Why pay for Usherwood’s Odyssey Discovery network assessment?

Audit your current network security process.

  • If there are security concerns with your current environment, it is likely that your current provider is unaware of them, as they would most likely be patched or fixed already. Having a third party come in for an evaluation will yield objective results about the current state of your infrastructure and security protocols.

Highly trained engineers will analyze and propose a plan to fix current vulnerabilities.

  • Usherwood engineers spend 25-40 hours behind the scenes pouring over hundreds of pages of readouts to identify current inefficiencies and security vulnerabilities.
  • The engineers paired with Usherwood’s solution architects and VCIO team (virtual chief information officer) will engage in high level discussions with your C-level team for a full picture of your IT environment.
  • Usherwood delivers a three-year plan that will resolve all current issues and create a model that will ensure these vulnerabilities do not reemerge during your agreement with Usherwood.
  • Even if your organization decides not to partner with Usherwood after completing an Odyssey Discovery, you will know where your vulnerabilities are, and have a plan laid out as to how to achieve a more optimized state as it relates to your IT management and infrastructure.

Plan and budget for the future.

  • Paying for a network assessment will help your organization know whether you are currently meeting the standards you expect for your IT security, and if you aren’t, then it will illustrate the methodology to get to your desired state with Usherwood as the entity that can get you there!
  • Rather than receiving unexpected fees and costs that can fluctuate, Usherwood will provide their services with a specified cost each month. Usherwood will also provide budgeting guidance for IT hardware expense, projects, and/or advanced security measures. This means you are fully aware of your expected expenditure in advance, allowing your company to plan and budget accordingly.

How do we separate our Odyssey Discovery network assessment from our competitors?

When looking for an IT professional to run a network assessment, you will be presented with a great deal of options. Here are a few reasons that Usherwood is a great choice!

Network assessments should not be a quick turnaround. A thorough network assessment should be at least 2-3 weeks if they are fully looking into the network and not cutting corners. This is expected with Usherwood and they will make sure they take their time to avoid overlooking something that could pose a threat to your network. After assessing, Usherwood will create a deliverable containing information on how the network is, how your users are doing, how security your organization is, and what changes to be made and when.

Usherwood has a team of engineers, solutions architects, and a VCIO (virtual chief information officer) team who will perform the network assessment. Having all hands on the deck means Usherwood can gain a more in-depth evaluation of your network and have all the specialists work together to create the best solution for your network and related processes. An Usherwood engineer will go on site to collect information, digital documentation, scan servers, and look for external and internal vulnerabilities. Following this, Usherwood will have a team to do an in-depth evaluation and work together to make sure you are given the best possible solution for your specific situation. This process and team collaboration will help to ensure nothing is overlooked during the evaluation process and will leave you with top priorities and actions for you to secure your organization.

Network assessments are a vital component to keep your business running seamlessly. Getting caught with an unpredicted network crash or security breach can be not only costly and time consuming but could have serious legal consequences. With a network assessment, you will receive a full analysis of your network’s current state and recommendations to keep it in the best possible shape. Don’t wait until after you have a security event to audit your organization’s IT infrastructure.