Looking to get a Network Assessment? Learn more about Usherwood’s Odyssey Discovery.

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What is an Odyssey Discovery (Network Assessment) in 3 simple steps?

  1. An Odyssey Discovery is an assessment of your firm’s network infrastructure by our team here at Usherwood. We will begin with Usherwood engineers performing a scan on your network both inside and out to uncover everything from performance to security and many things in between.
  2. Next, we physically look at your network hardware from cabling, to PC’s, to the server, and we don’t stop there. We also look at printers, copiers, digital signage, phone systems, and physical security systems. If it affects or connects to your network, we want to know about it.
  3. Lastly, we bring in a real expert on your network. You! You are also a valuable piece of the discovery. We ask you to provide receipts, invoices, and any other paperwork for IT related services. Things like internet service provider, phone provider. Microsoft licensing and even your current IT provider if you have one. Additionally, you can help fill in any blanks. While our engineers are thorough nothing beats added info direct from you.

What Takes Place During the Discovery? 

Here are some of the areas we will assess: 

  • Floorplan Layout Document 
  • Confirm Network Administrator Account Details 
  • External IP Information 
  • Telephone System Type / Service Provider 
  • Email Platform / Provider 
  • Video Conference Platform / Provider 
  • Prepare Encrypted USB Drive 
  • Network Assessment (Domain) 
  • Security Assessment (Domain) 
  • BDR Information Collection 
  • Photo Document Environment   

Here are some more specific examples of areas we will assess:  

  • IT and Equipment information- Is it outdated, and could it be leaving your firm vulnerable? 
  • Warranty Information- Is it still good? 
  • Security vulnerabilities- Is there any way hackers could penetrate the network? 
  • IT infrastructure- How could you leverage your IT environment to promote operational efficiencies and cost savings? 

So now you might be thinking, “what does any of this do for me?”. You ask great questions. Why do we do it?

Why is Odyssey Discovery Necessary?

We call our process Odyssey Global IT. An Odyssey is defined as an adventurous journey. Our goal is to go on this journey with you as a part of your team. The Odyssey Discovery is the second step and arguably the most important as it’s the foundation of everything moving forward. To provide you with the best advice and solutions for your network it's imperative that we know everything about your current IT infrastructure.

After our onsite visit we have a wealth of information to consider and digest. We sit down and consider all the reports we generated, and the information requested from you, and start to build a document we call the Odyssey Navigator. That document is the third step in the Odyssey process. It relies completely on the Discovery being thorough and the information being sorted so that we have the complete picture of your network.

Part of bringing all of this info together is our team going over everything about your network and IT environment with a critical eye. Our goal is to provide an honest and thoughtful presentation on what we found, and what we recommend moving forward. That is the exciting part! The Odyssey Discovery becomes the Odyssey Navigator, and we sit down with you and your team to present everything. Data, pictures, evidence, all along with industry standards to demonstrate where we have recommendations. On top of that we present a solution that is right sized for you that includes our Complete Managed IT Services and new hardware where appropriate to start off our journey together on the right foot.