How Outsourcing IT Can Help Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-profit organizations need to stay connected with their donors, partners, and sponsors for their operations, outreach, and fundraising efforts. But as the digital landscape evolves, the need to have reliable technology, software, and security measures becomes even more critical.  

According to a report by Deloitte, businesses spent more than $700 billion on outsourcing in 2022. Their IT outsourcing spend is projected to reach $519 billion in 2023. This includes many non-profit organizations that are turning to outsourcing their IT needs to specialized service providers. Here are the key benefits of outsourcing IT for non-profit organizations.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT 

For non-profit businesses, outsourcing IT can be daunting at first. However, the benefits of IT outsourcing include:  

Cost Savings 

One of the most significant benefits non-profit organizations can reap from outsourcing IT is cost savings. Non-profit groups help people with limited resources, offering essential services despite having little money to work with.

Maintaining an in-house IT team can be expensive, considering factors like salaries, equipment, and infrastructure. By outsourcing IT, businesses can save money and receive the same high level of service. Sometimes, the service is even better with outsourced IT.

Outsourcing IT allows non-profit organizations to free up resources to focus on their core mission and activities. Check out our article “Can Managed IT Save a Business Money?” to learn more about the financial benefits of managed IT. 

Access to Expertise 

IT outsourcing companies hire skilled staff with diverse IT knowledge to provide specialized services in their field. Non-profit groups often lack funds to hire a full-time IT team, let alone experts with certifications and experience.

Outsourcing IT gives non-profits access to a wider variety of IT services and expertise scenarios. To compare IT Techs and Managed IT companies, read our article "Hiring an IT Tech vs. a Managed IT Company". 

Reduce Downtime 

Outsourcing IT ensures that non-profit organizations have access to experts to address any issues when they arise. IT downtime can be catastrophic for non-profit operations, particularly when it comes to donor and sponsor connections. Outsourcing IT providers can take care of these systems, keeping them updated and monitored and providing maintenance and troubleshooting when needed. 

Security and Compliance 

Non-profit organizations deal with sensitive information about their donors, sponsors, and their organization's financials. Hackers often target non-profit entities in search of financial and personal data and perceived vulnerabilities. IT outsourcing companies protect sensitive data and help non-profits follow rules to avoid fines.

To learn how to keep your business's security and data safe, check out our guide on "Practicing Online Safety and Cybersecurity". 

Flexibility and Scalability 

Outsourcing IT services can offer non-profit organizations flexibility and scalability as they grow and evolve. Service providers offer tailored IT solutions and technologies to meet businesses' digital needs and adapt to any changes. As non-profit organizations expand their operations, outsourcing IT providers can adjust their service offerings accordingly. 

Ensure Reliable IT for Your Business 

Non-profit organizations play a vital role in society, providing valuable services to those in need while operating under tight budgets and limited resources. At Usherwood, we believe as the importance of technology continues to grow in the non-profit sector, it's essential for organizations to have a reliable IT infrastructure in place to support their mission.  

Outsourcing IT provides non-profit organizations with the required support while minimizing costs and maximizing their outreach. To ensure your organization has IT to rely on when needed the most, reach out to Usherwood today to receive a tech evaluation and see how you can strengthen your IT today. 

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