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The Northeast Group, located in Plattsburgh, NY, is a third-party logistics fulfillment warehouse that services various international customers. Having been in business for over forty years, The Northeast Group contains four facilities with more than 350,000 square feet of warehouse and production space. The group is involved with one of North America's busiest and most efficient supply chains. It is committed to offering its customers diverse printing services to help them succeed.


The Northeast Group's Need of an Equipment Update

As a company over forty-three years old, The Northeast Group decided in 2017 that it was time for their print and mail equipment to receive an update. The group handles a multitude of mail and print work for profit and nonprofit organizations, as well as annual reports and fundraising letters, and invitations. Printing volumes can range anywhere from a couple of hundred copies to thousands.

The Northeast Group primarily serves the local area of Plattsburgh and even reaches some areas, such as Glen Falls. Many local businesses depend on The Northeast Group for printing and mailing solutions, so when the equipment started displaying signs of being outdated, the print department began searching for a local vendor.

Kimberly Smith, Graphic Design Director of The Northeast Group, has worked with the company for ten years and recalls the discovery of Usherwood Office Technology's services. "When we decided we were in need of a new production machine, I searched the internet for all the local print service providers," Smith said. "And came across Usherwood. Usherwood supplied the machine specs, certainly had a great showroom, and had the machine we were looking for there."


Usherwood Offers Machines with Essential Features

The Northeast Group conducted test runs on the Canon machines Usherwood offered before ultimately deciding it was the best device to utilize for their line of services. A significant factor in the decision process was choosing a machine that eventually would not slow production for the group and would not risk employee injury due to having to remove a heated drum when trying to replace equipment quickly and efficiently. Not having to remove the drum to print envelopes was a big differentiator when making a decision.

A feature that also influenced The Northeast Group’s decision was that the Canon Digital Press could run a 13x30 long sheet. As for the bindery machine, they were looking for a machine that could run a thick cover stock for products such as business cards and have the business cards automatically cut in the printing process to eliminate the need for the guillotine cutter. The Northeast Group was ultimately looking for a proficient bindery machine to print all the needed products.

Usherwood Solutions Architect Pete Kozakiewicz recalls being able to provide The Northeast Group with the equipment they were looking for to be a rewarding experience. "We wanted to make sure they walked away with a great solution that benefits their business," he said. "It was rewarding to see we put something in there for them that worked well, was reliable, and helped grow our own business."

From printing envelopes to printing long sheets, the Canon Digital Press and the Duplo Bindery Machine in Usherwood's showroom were concluded to be the best options for the group's need for updated equipment. "We were confident in the newer technology, that it was going to bring some money here for us, and it did just that," Smith said. "Just being able to produce envelopes on the fly, whether black and white or in full color, has been a great offering for us."


Building a Relationship Through Helping the Community

A local business such as The Northeast Group working with a local vendor such as Usherwood has sparked a seven-year partnership that has positively impacted the two companies and the customers of the print shop.

Kozakiewicz has noticed the partnership between The Northeast Group and Usherwood, sparking connections within the community. "Plattsburgh is a super small town, but a lot of people talk, and you'll find that across The North Country, a lot of people know other business owners and pretty much everybody in the neighborhood," Kozakiewicz said. "So, when you do something right the first time, and you can help somebody, that word of mouth really goes on to the next potential customer."

It's a crucial part of any business partnership to establish a base of trust and mutual respect for the other. Throughout the years of Usherwood and The Northeast Group's collaboration, Kozakiewicz and Smith have built a great process to ensure the print department has all the necessary and updated materials. "Our relationship with Pete and Usherwood has been great. We're just able to reach out to him," Smith said. "Whether it's new equipment, we're considering buying or whenever we have a question."

Kozakiewicz has been a Solutions Architect at Usherwood for almost three years. His favorite aspect of his job is listening to clients and figuring out their needs and how Usherwood can help bring solutions to those clients to help benefit their business. But one of his most memorable clients is The Northeast Group.

"Making their business a little more different than other competitors in the area is bringing more business for them, too," Kozakiewicz said. "The most fulfilling part is just being able to engage with customers you know and having more of a relationship with them. You get to learn a little more about them personally and professionally. And I think that's probably the best part of my day, just talking to people and figuring out what they need."


Continuing the Collaboration

Usherwood and The Northeast Group have worked together for over seven years and continue the efficient and productive partnership. Both companies' collaboration has surpassed pure professionalism and has now developed into a more personal, trusting relationship. Usherwood strives to provide a trustful partnership to its clients to create a great sales experience and a great personal experience.

"The machines have been a great asset for us to keep things moving, so our production is rarely down," Smith said. "We're now very familiar with the machines. It was an easy transition from the older machine to the new one. Duane, our service tech, has been fantastic. Pete's been great. They're on top of it all, and we definitely appreciate the fast response time for service."

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