5 Benefits of Using Digital Signage for Schools

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If you’re a school administrator or teacher, you know it’s getting tougher and tougher to keep students and parents engaged. With technology advancing, you might wonder if it’s time to upgrade your school’s digital signage. Here are five ways digital signage for schools can enhance learning, promote engagement, and improve overall communication.

1. Easily Display and Update Announcements for Seamless Communication

After COVID-19, every teacher or administrator can attest that real-time updates for staff, parents and students are crucial. With the hustle and bustle of changing schedules, pickup times, weather contingencies and more, digital signage displays for schools are worth the investment.

Signage can be controlled remotely from a computer, which pushes the content to cloud-connected devices on the displays. Teachers or school administrators can control the content, which goes out to every desired signage display.

2. Relay School Event Details on School Digital Signage

Especially with young age groups, it can be difficult for teachers to communicate event details to parents. Many schools still use old-fashioned methods of relaying information, like printing out slips of paper for kids to take home. In the interest of being environmentally friendly whenever possible, signage in schools are great for parents to see as they pick up or drop off children. Displays offer a way to communicate details for events, including:

  • School Concerts
  • Graduation or Award Ceremonies
  • Sports events and scheduling changes
  • After School Events
  • Parent Teacher Meetings

3. Inform Students and Staff of Emergencies or Safety Reminders

It’s every educator’s worst nightmare to be in an emergency with a room full of students who don’t know what to do. In an emergency like a lockdown or other adverse event, the capability to display instructions or protocol will be a lifesaver. School digital signage can publish important messages to all displays in an emergency. These might include evacuation routes, drill instructions, or campus safety alerts to keep students and staff safe.  

Triggers for these emergency messages could look like a button you hit on a tablet or a weather alert stream.

Digital displays can be used for any purpose that physical signs are used for. Many schools post PSAs and educational how-to’s in the event of a medical emergency. Examples of these include:

  • What to do if someone is choking
  • How to react to a fire emergency
  • First aid basics
  • How to deal with other medical emergencies like diabetic or allergic reactions

4. Increase Student Engagement via Interactive Displays

Technology has already revolutionized education via videoconferencing and document cloud sharing. Digital signage for education is a fantastic way to keep students engaged and interested in daily classroom activities. For teachers, the ability to display live documents on school room signs can come in handy for a variety of lessons and classroom functions such as:

  • Keeping a running tally during classroom trivia and other games
  • Displaying updated syllabi and due dates
  • Daily lesson plans
  • Posting “today’s date” and daily bellringers

These functions can help your students stay on track with lessons without worrying about losing paper syllabi. This can also help with classroom accessibility since typed words can be enlarged for a better viewing experience.

5. Community Relations and School District Branding

A major aspect to fostering community within your school district is demonstrating a united front in marketing initiatives and branding. School logos, mascots, and sports team pride can be displayed across your whole school district for parents, students and teachers to enjoy. You can capitalize on digital displays in schools by advertising fundraisers, cheering on athletic teams on game days, and celebrating special occasions with displays.

How To Decide on the Right Signage for Schools

If you’re unsure what your school needs regarding digital signage, managed service providers are a great resource to consult with. These experts can help you determine how many devices you’ll need, what features they should have, and more. These considerations should be tailored to your school’s size, student and faculty needs, and your budgetary restrictions.

To learn more about how your school can partner with a managed service provider, read our article: Usherwood Helps Two School Districts Reopen Safely. To speak to an expert on finding digital signage or other IT solutions, click the button below.

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