Your Guide to Getting the Best Copier


Your copier needs to be a few things without fail: It needs to be functional, reliable, and cost-effective. If you're buying a new copier or replacing an old one, you want to make sure your copier meets those requirements in addition to meeting the needs of your business, teams, and company growth.

Getting the best copier is easy when you work with the right team. Talk to Usherwood Office Technology to get started, or read on below to learn more and then reach out today.

Ask the Right Questions

What you ask about the copy machine is critical. Here are a few important questions to review with your vendor partner.

  • Is this copier the most advanced model?

  • Will it meet the volume and quality needs of my company?

  • What additional features or technology does this copier have?

  • Do you recommend any additional features or needs for my industry/company?

  • Is this brand reliable?

  • What does the service and maintenance agreement look like?

  • Have there been any ongoing issues with this copier?

Those questions will get you started as you continue to research your company and employee needs.

Research Company Needs

Talk to your employees about what they want in your office equipment. It might seem weird, but you may miss required features without asking around, and if you get employee input, you'll also get their buy-in. Making sure you meet your team's needs is especially important to improve productivity and help the team stay motivated to take care of the machine and improve productivity by using the features and technology you're investing in.

Talk to the Team

Talk to the team at your business, and then talk to Usherwood Office Technology to get started.