What to Do When Your Copier Lease Expires


Copiers are a critical part of the office landscape, and leasing one means that eventually, you’ll come to the end of that agreement. What do you do next? That depends on where you are with growth, capital, and costs and income.

However, it’s helpful to have some basic guiding steps to get you to the other side of your office equipment ownership.

Copiers in the Workplace

Undeniably, no matter how digital your office is, its almost impossible to exist without a copier. Clients, employees, and partners have different communications styles, and it’s essential to meet any of those styles with hard copy or digital communications.

Leasing a copier makes sense to avoid a big expense early on, and it is helpful when you’re growing fast. However, once your business levels out or can afford a more significant expense, it makes more sense to purchase a machine at the end of your lease. It depends on various benchmarks in your company.

Next Steps

To establish a plan and set up how you’ll continue with equipment (don’t try to go without!) that best fits your needs, the first step is to reach out to a vendor to discuss options and if it may be time to buy, or consider a new lease with a reliable vendor partner.

Get Started with Usherwood

Copiers are sophisticated, but they don’t have to be difficult if you work with the right vendor partner. Moving on from your current copier lease shouldn’t be hard – let Usherwood Office Technology show you your options.