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How Verkada Sensors Can Eliminate Vaping in Schools

Security Cameras & Access Control

Are you concerned about the use of vapes in your school? Not sure how you can properly manage this growing issue? It would be challenging to detect and stop every student from vaping on school premises. 


You’re only human, and let's be honest, teachers and school staff have enough on their plate during the day, let alone adding in another task to ensure students aren't vaping when they enter unsupervised areas like the bathroom or locker rooms. But what if you had the technology to eliminate the use of vapes at your school? 


Luckily for many schools, this technology does exist. Verkadas vape and smoke detection sensor is the perfect solution for the job. Usherwood has worked with many schools that are working to combat the use of vapes in schools, and for that reason, we sought out the most advanced technology to do so. 


Let's take a look at the issue and see how Verkadas sensors can help you maintain a safe and smoke-free environment in your school. 


What is Vaping?

A Vape is a device that heats liquids into a vapor form so that they can be inhaled. The liquid consists of Nicotine, THC, CBD, and CBD. Vapes are filled with unknown harmful chemicals. Vaping devices can be tough to detect because they do not release strong scents and can easily be concealed in clothing pockets or backpacks. This is why vapes in school environments have become more problematic than ever.


More Young Teenagers Are Vaping in Schools Than Ever

Schools are running into the same issue, young students vaping on school property all around the United States. From California to Maine, schools have been trying to stop students from vaping on school property. 


Some approaches to stop vaping in schools have gone as far as taking the bathroom door off stalls, placing fines on people, or suspending anyone seen with a vape device. Even with some of these new “tricks,” there are still issues with monitoring the use of vapes. Many of the solutions spoken about can violate many privacy issues. 


Although the FDA has worked to prohibit the sale of vapes containing flavors that would attract young kids, one study says that 28 percent of high schoolers are vaping and 11 percent of middle schoolers, totaling about 2 million teens in the United States. 

How can you combat this issue in your schools using Verkada sensors?


Verkada’s cloud-based sensors can detect any sign of any vaping or smoking activity. An all-in-one sensor can monitor environmental changes, such as air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise.


With Verkadas Vape sensor solution, bathroom stall doors can stay on, cameras can stay out of locker rooms and bathrooms, and vaping can be regulated without imposing on people's privacy.


For sensitive areas, such as bathrooms or locker rooms, users can opt-out of having a camera associated with the environmental sensor. You can manage Verkada sensors through the web-based Command Platform. 


For non-private areas, such as classrooms, hallways, or open spaces, users may place sensors and cameras in the same area at their discretion. Have cameras positioned towards areas of interest for the best context and visibility. This can include directly under the sensor and where vaping/smoking behavior is likely to occur.


This allows schools and other smoke-free facilities to monitor vaping and smoking behavior from the Command Platform using Verkada’s Vape Index, making it easy to conduct investigations and implement deterrence measures.


What You Can Manage with your Verkada Sensor:

  • Customize the data displayed for each SV11 sensor
  • Set alerts based on user-defined thresholds for each data stream
  • Configure notification recipients and scheduling
  • Filter Data by sensor, date, and time


When determining where to implement Verkadas sensors, it is essential to keep in mind that they can be sensitive to cooking, exhaust, or wildfires, which may falsely increase the Vape Index score. 


For that reason, you will want to keep them in environments that are more prone to such as restrooms, classrooms, and hallways. Try to avoid putting them in places that could give you a false positive such as school kitchens. 


Why use Verkada Environmental Sensors?

Verkada created recommended sensor value ranges based on data from the Environments Protection Agency (EPA), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). With this, they could make color-coded sensors that are aligned to these government and industry standards for healthy indoor environments.


A Safer Learning Environment for Students

Ensuring that students and children are in a safe and healthy learning environment will always be a top priority. Vaping is not only harmful to the students participating but also may leave other students around them distracted. 


With this new problem for education systems to manage, it is exciting to provide a solution to ease the pressure put on faculty and staff to stop it. With environmental sensor technology, students will be less likely to use vapes and become exposed to harmful temptations at school.


Are you interested in making your school safer and more secure? 

It is important to ensure that when students are going off to school, they are in a learning environment that will keep them safe and secure. Verkada sensors are not the only way to create a safer environment for your school. 


Their video surveillance solutions allow you to find and review camera footage around your school quickly. Usherwood works with many clients to help implement this advanced solution.


If you are interested in learning more about how Verkada’s cloud-based video surveillance solution can pair with Axis video cameras to give you a more secure environment, check out this article: 7 ways Axis Video Surveillance Solutions Can Keep Your School Safe.