NYS Legislation Requires More Firearm Business Security

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Recently New York State signed legislation to strengthen firearm business requirements, such as advancing security systems in gun shops.  Usherwood has helped clients with surveillance security and maintaining proper software to support these systems.

It’s understandable these new changes can be challenging to adjust to. In this article, we will review what the new legislation requires regarding security and surveillance and what Usherwood recommends to help gun-dealer businesses meet the requirements. 


What are the New York Legislation’s Restrictions? 

The legislation addresses how gun shops should store and secure their products. This includes requiring cameras to be stationed in stores to capture the entire process of transactions, and a state-wide license/ammunition database will be put into place to keep track of all applications and sales.  

The storage of guns will also be more regulated and require more security. All firearm-selling businesses must sell storage devices compatible with the guns they are selling. All weapons must be stored away from the ammunition, and they must have secure locks. Of course, all weapons must also have locks and store keys, which are inaccessible to unauthorized personnel.  

With these new regulations, firearm businesses must also have surveillance systems and maintain certain security standards. Any business is susceptible to theft or vandalism, including firearms businesses, especially with how challenging it can now be to get hold of a firearm. 


Firearm Retailer Security Requirements 

 The new responsibilities and security requirements for firearm businesses include: 

  • Ensuring specific requirements are met for customers to apply for licenses and that the proper data is stored and retained. 
  • Having a security system installed and maintained by an operator licensed correctly in security alarms. 
  • Security systems must be monitored by a central station and should be able to provide complete protection and monitoring of all openings and exits in the business. 
  • Video-recording devices should also be stationed in areas to catch every sales process in the store. 
  • Sound and motion detectors must be utilized in other business areas of the shop. 
  • Outdoor cameras are maintained, and all footage is retained for at least 2 years.  

 If any person or company knowingly violates the new requirements, they face the punishment of a Class A misdemeanor. They also risk having their firearm dealer license revoked or suspended.  


What is the Cost of a Security System that Meets the Requirements? 

Usherwood is capable of assisting firearm businesses with meeting the required security measures. We have professionals on our team who are knowledgeable about which types of advanced security technology may be the best fit for your business.  

The pricing of a firearm dealer security system can vary depending on the equipment included, size of the space, and its layout. The price for a system that meets all the new requirements for a typical shop setup is $337 a month for a 60-month term. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what equipment and features are included in this cost: 

Bullet and Wide Scope Cameras 

  • Two entrances/sales locations 
  • Up/down range cameras  
  • Two parking lot cameras 

Overview Systems 

  • Store overview system 
  • Camera server systems 

Specialized Access Control Systems 

  • Two card readers 
  • Power supply 
  • One hundred pack cards 
  • Two controllers 

This price is for an average firearm-dealership and the ultimate final price as well as line of equipment would most likely be customized to a shop’s particular setup after consultation. 


Usherwood is Here for Your Surveillance Needs 

Our surveillance systems allow you more control of protecting your business while meeting the new required security standards of the state. Usherwood’s security systems can assist your organization with ensuring the proper protection and standards, while also offering convenience and ease.

To discover what surveillance system best fits your business needs and the legislative requirements for a firearm dealership, Usherwood offers consultations to discuss final pricings and what may work for you. Visit our Discover Your Solution page to learn how Usherwood can assist you and your company. 

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