Managed Print Boosts Sustainability in Three Key Ways


Every business is ready to make some improvements to sustainability. In today’s business environment, it can mean significant cost savings, customer loyalty, and client recruitment, in addition to the clear environmental benefits. Why not focus on something so beneficial?

Luckily, there are services in place that make boosting sustainability easier than you would imagine. For example, managed print can drastically cut the costs of an out of control print environment while reducing waste and increasing productivity. It’s a win/win from every angle.

What is Managed Print?

Okay, let’s back up a bit. Managed print is a service that oversees supply ordering, repair requests, monthly budgets, and the general print environment.

How does this work? The service gathers data by completing a print audit early on, to understand how and where your company spends money on print. Once the problem is apparent, addressing it is easy.

Focus on Sustainability

Making a few changes to a more sustainable office is possible. Start with the below solutions.

1. Cut back on waste

With print management, this is ever-more possible. Reducing paper waste, unused toner, excessive printing, and other issues save money and cut waste.

2. Settle over-ordering problems

Never order excessive toner, paper, or print supplies that go unused again! With print management, any overabundance is managed to a “T.”

3. Fix mismanaged print environments

It’s easy to let your print environment get chaotic and expensive. Hey, we won’t judge – it happens to the best of us. What makes a difference is fixing the problem with print management to go green, simplify, and save money.

Time to Go Greener

Improving sustainability is a long game, but there is always room to do a little more. Services like managed print make it easy to go green without increasing expenses. Time to go - talk to Usherwood Office Technology.