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Everyone who has worked in an office knows the rollercoaster experience of working with printers. From paper jams, to replacing ink cartridges and reconnecting to the wifi, printers can be a pain when you’re striving to get work done.

Usherwood has worked with 7,000 companies over the past forty-seven years, many of which utilize HP’s line of A3 multi functional printers, or MFPs. In this article, we’ll review the significance of HP's line of A3 MFPs gaining its first wins in the BLI Line of the Year Awards and six useful features of the line that contributed to the winnings.

Every company wants to know if the devices they invest in can help their business grow and succeed, so allow us to lend a helping hand in the decision-making process.

Why Are HP Multi Function Printers So Popular?

First, let’s explore why HP and its products are so popular in the office world.

HP is a prominent player in the printer industry. They are an established worldwide leader in the A4 segment of the Buyers Lab Line of the Year Awards, or BLI. What’s BLI? These awards highlight companies with a wide range of software and hardware consistent with above-average performances. Having won the Buyers Lab A4 Line of the Year Award for the ninth time this year, HP also received its first awards for its A3 segment in the Buyers Lab Line of the Year Award and Special BLI Most Energy Efficient Laser A3 Brand Award, highlighting its green and more environment-friendly technology.  

HP Printer All In One Features

The A3 line from HP carries many reliable, useful, and secure features guaranteed to impress your company, which is how it ended up winning the BLI Awards. We know this due to working with around 7,000 companies and have heard the many complaints of why certain printers weren’t working for their business and office productivity, some of which included shorter lifespans than worth the amount paid for the device as well as the complications experienced just trying to use the basic functions.

HP’s line of A3 MFPs is known for long service life and rare malfunctions; if there are any, they are easily fixed. They're continuously praised for high quality and ease of use, all contributing to their continuous winnings.  New this year, they also offer the option of color gradients to add a little enthusiasm and aesthetics to your office space and strengthen your brand, but we’ll get to more of that later on. 

Standard Speed and Auto Upgrades on the A3 Office Printer

HP’s A3 MFPs have useful characteristics, such as running high scan speeds of up to 240 images per minute, or ipm3, and printing speeds up to 70 pages per minute, or ppm, to assist with multi-tasking, which could mean allowing multiple people to utilize the printer at once. These printers have a higher printing speed compared to many other printing systems.

Work-life balance is about productivity and being on the go, moving on to the next goal with intensive drive. That couldn’t be achievable if slow devices drag you down and take precious time. HP A3 MFPs help consumers avoid this potential bump in the road, and it seems the BLI Awards noticed this. The BLI Awards focus on hardware and software that ultimately provide upper-quality performance and leave consumers satisfied–that couldn’t be done if the product lacked reliability.

HP speed allows you to have the ability to juggle various tasks while streamlining upgrades for the device. You don't want to worry about making sure your device is manually upgraded while also doing your essential functions throughout the day, making it very convenient for the device to take care of its upgrades and repairs on its own.

HP A3s Are Easy to Use and Have a Customizable Touch Screen Interface

HP A3 MFPs offer easy accessibility. With a sizable, customizable touchscreen, users will find the features easily. The touchscreen allows every part to be seen and performed easily, whether on-screen editing, flipbook browsing, or annotating. 

You can easily find what function you're looking for with just a few taps of the screen and can even personalize the touchscreen according to what functions your company tends to use more. It even manages document sizes and adjusts to fit email standards. Multiple devices can connect with the printers without needing intervention from a tech operator. Overall, the features are very straightforward and easy to learn.

Better Security Ensured by HP’s A3 Multi Function Printers

Increased security for all printers in the A3 line offers maximum control and comfort for your business. HP A3s are designed to undergo any challenge in a complex work environment.  Decked with top-quality hardware, firmware, and timely and efficient functions, HP A3 MFPs offer users comfort in the knowledge that their information is protected and malicious viruses and malware will have no place to flourish in their workspace. 

Everything from the control panels, USB ports, and address books are properly protected. Any potential threat or risk is sent immediately as a notification to the security hardware.  These MFPs are designed to scan documents and self-recover if an issue occurs during a task instead of ending it altogether, which any person who has ever worked in an office will appreciate.  If you’re curious how an HP MFP self-heals, "Protect Your Network with HP Sure Start" by genesisONE provides a straightforward explanation. These built-in protection features are what make HP printers the most secure in the world and most likely contributed to the winnings of the most current BLI Line of the Year Award.  Having control over such an essential piece of equipment promises smoother productivity and a lower chance of running into any issues that may lead to harmful consequences.

It's better to have something with protection already programmed versus buying the device and the proper hardware to secure it. You want to ensure the product you purchase for consistent use is of premium quality and already set up to eliminate a majority of the hard work, which plays a part in the length of this printer's service life. If you don’t have proper printer security, costly data breaches could occur, and not only cost you more money but also affect the smooth and speedy functions of the printer. After all, you want to get the most use out of the product as possible. Why spend money on something without a bang for your buck? You want a consistent product to serve as the backbone of your productivity.

The HP A3s Are Not Just Color Printers- They Also Come In Fun Colors

The new, shiny, talk-of-the-town updates to HP’s A3 line are now available in various colors. These trendy color gradient panels include deep red, vibrant yellow, forest green, cool blue, dark purple, and sleek silver. Giving customers a choice of selecting a color gradient adds an element of fun to everyday office environments.

Many have realized the long-lasting positives of making more aspects of the workplace customizable. Most companies have aesthetics that help employees and customers become immersed in the company's image and brand. Branding is a top priority, and if you want your company to be memorable, putting visual characteristics out to become ingrained in the minds of critical personnel can contribute to the company's drive and success.

Visuals give a company recognition. They are used to communicate specific messages and to stand out amongst their competitors. A consistent groove in a workplace's style and visual representation boosts business success and efficiency in bringing more awareness to the brand.

The HP A3 Evolution in Hindsight

The best thing about HP’s A3 line is its adaptability and superior evolving ability. They tend always to come back new and improved.  HP A3s are consistent, accessible, secure, and, most of all, evolutional. It’s awards such as the BLI’s Line of the Year Awards that truly highlight and draw appreciation towards the high quality of these MFPs, which in turn also assist consumers with making the decision of what’s the best technology for their companies without having to do as much research. After all, it’s the true professionals deciding which products are the most worthy of high praise.

Each year, new and innovative HP office printers enter the market. Many things are evolving in the modern-day workforce, including the workplace and the devices needed to complete daily tasks. You can bet no matter the issue, no matter the task, and no matter what shiny new product makes its entrance into the industry, HP A3s are going to be there, helping your business expand and grow.

Why not take the extra step and go ahead and find the best HP printer for your needs? It’s a good bet that finding a quality machine will offer ease and lessen your daily work grind.  

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