How Outsourced IT Services for Small Businesses Are a Secret Weapon For Success

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If you have a small business, IT can be stressful to manage. However, you might hesitate to invest in a managed service provider (MSP) because the range of services they offer could seem more than is necessary for you. However, MSPs offer value to all business sizes, due to the cost-efficiency and time-saving solutions they offer.

If you’re on the fence about investing in a service provider, you may be surprised at the ways MSPs can be a great fit for smaller businesses to support growth.

What Services Do Small Businesses Need the Most?

Small businesses rely on productivity. When they’re able to achieve efficient workflows, they’re able to generate consistent revenue, fostering growth. However, when technology fails, the time it takes to fix crucial business systems can halt productivity.

IT service providers for small businesses also help mitigate data breaches, which appear in new forms all the time. It’s becoming easier for even the tech-savvy to fall victim to cyber scams, ransomware and more. This makes IT help desks, VCIOs and cybersecurity services gamechangers for small businesses continuity and growth.

Why Is an IT Help Desk Important For Small Businesses?

When you attempt to resolve technology issues on your own, or even with a small in-house team, it will take exponentially longer than putting in a ticket with an IT provider. MSPs have fully-staffed tech teams at their disposal that can jump into any issue that arises.

These teams have cybersecurity specialists, network architects, virtual chief information officers and more to work together and resolve issues with minimal stress or headache on your end. These professionals are in high-demand in the tech industry, and MSPs often hire the best and brightest to offer clients top-notch expertise.

The true value of an IT help desk is priceless, since it can resolve so many roadblocks to streamline productivity, ultimately leading to increased revenue over time.

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How Is Managed IT Support Different from Internal IT Teams?

You may already have an in-house IT team, or you’re considering hiring internally and wondering how it would differ from local managed IT services. The main differences between in-house and outsourced IT are costs and range of services offered.

Even the most experienced IT specialists won’t have all of the specialties as a fully-staffed MSP team. What’s more, if you were to hire an IT professional with comparable skills, they come with big costs. In-house IT support for businesses can fetch large salaries in an age where everyone needs competent cybersecurity and technical help.

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What Makes the Best Managed IT Services For Small Companies?

Most regions have a high density of IT, cybersecurity, and business computer support providers to choose from. However, there are many ways to discern if a provider is worth their while. A few traits to look for are transparency, prioritizing client interests, and excellent customer service.

Trust & Transparency

An MSP needs to be upfront and open about its policies for cybersecurity and processes to address IT solutions for business needs.

Do they value innovation and Zero Trust architecture? Do they utilize technology roadmaps to mitigate risks associated with outdated technology? How do they work technology refreshes into their service? These are all questions you must have answered before partnering with an MSP.

Having Your Interests at The Forefront

A quality MSP or IT consulting managed service should prioritize what's best for your business above all else. It should raise red flags if they try to sell you on one-size-fits-all services, as every business is different and needs customized solutions.

Your network security, operational efficiency, and budget should be placed at the forefront of all customized service plans. When speaking with an MSP, ensure that their top priorities in the partnership are:

  • Reducing downtime
  • Investing in hardware and software that serve your needs best
  • Optimizing cost savings by creating customized solutions.

Above All: Excellent Service

There are many important aspects to look for in managed IT services for business continuity, security and productivity. Second-to-none service is arguably the most important detail to consider. This is because an expert is only so helpful in resolving issues without communication skills or a friendly attitude.

Remote managed IT support must provide accessible day-to-day troubleshooting to streamline crucial business processes. This means that a real person answering the phone can make a big difference in your experience with a provider. Look at typical response times for desk support services and customer reviews to determine if a provider makes good on their promises for high quality service.

How to Find a Quality MSP

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