Are You Saving Big with Managed Print?


You’ve heard of managed print services at this point in the office world. Well, if not, here’s a quick rundown: managed print services help your business by taking the annoying tasks of printing off your hands.

From supply ordering to repair coordinating to budget management to policy changes to print audits, managed print has you covered for everything.

As a bonus, managed print should save your business a significant amount of money on your print environment. If you already have managed print and this isn’t the case, it’s time to reconsider your vendor.

If you don’t have managed print and are interested in investing, here’s why it’s such a significant savings for your company.

Managed Print and Your Business

Your business is probably not 100% focused on what you print every single day. Right? This is just a side function of your organization, a way you communicate, and a way to share information. So why does printing take up so much time and money?

Because it involves multiple people, supplies, technicians, and more to keep it going, managed print helps you to level that playing field, so you’re not putting more into your print environment than you’re getting out of it.

Managed print boosts your business by taking over the print environment. First, the team will complete a print audit to see who is printing, how much is being printed, and how it is used. That’s right - they can even work to see what percentage of your printed materials are immediately recycled!

Then, they’ll bring forward some print policy and operations recommendations for you to implement in your office, especially if there are some wasteful practices to shift.

Then, print management takes on the print tasks that you don’t need to spend time on, like ordering supplies, coordinating service, and staying ahead of maintenance issues. Pretty simple!

How Managed Print Saves Money

Managed print saves money on supplies, labor, overall productivity, repairs, maintenance, and reducing waste. It’s win/win for everyone, because you’ll see less paper in the trash and lines at the printer, and your teams will be buzzing along, not stopping for a printer issue.

Step Away from the Printer

Let the professionals take over, so you can make it to your meeting and get the work done. Usherwood Office Technology is here to help – get in touch today.