4 Advantages of Leasing a Copier


Many office machines are available for rent instead of making the major commitment of buying.

This is beneficial for many reasons, one of which is that since office equipment is quickly advancing in technology and there are diverse options with various features available, it might make the most sense to try before you buy.

Also, making a big investment is hard work for a business getting off the ground - long term rental may just make more sense for you.

Leasing a Copier - How it Works

Your copier is in your office at a lower upfront cost, and with more repair support than with a purchase - that's how leasing works in a nutshell. Sure, there will be a contract, the terms of which you'll discuss with your vendor partner, but there's often flexibility in how the lease agreement looks.

Your business needs to get ahead and stay ahead, and that's how the agreement is built - to help you drive forward.

The Benefits

Benefits of leasing instead of buying are pretty clear, but we've lined them out anyway, so that you can fully evaluate them for your business. Here are the top things client appreciate, and what we hear back from those who made the choice to lease.

  • No big payment - you can plan your monthly payment right into your budget to keep your business in the black every month.
  • Upgrade easily - time for something new? Your business has grown? There are features you need? With the right clause in your agreement, upgrading will be pretty easy to do.
  • Repair is written in - repairs are not only written into most contracts, they are taken care of by the rental company so that you're off the hook.
  • Work with the team - collaborate with your vendor partner to get just the machine you need. Special features, speeds, volumes, or security needs? We've got it - let's talk.

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