3 Ways to Disinfect Your Office Copiers


Office copiers are communal devices that are touched, moved, and accessed by many employees. As your office returns to a new work environment after the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, cleaning and disinfecting your office equipment will be a new, higher priority.

Sanitizing Equipment

Using common cleaning products directly on the machine is strongly advised against – this can damage the surface and color of the equipment, touchscreens, and some internal electronics. Instead, we suggest spraying the product on a rag or towel and then wiping the machine.

  • Be sure only to use a rag or towel once to avoid re-contamination. Also, be sure to use glass cleaner only on any screen or glass appearing surfaces.
  • The right product and approach to cleaning and sanitization can increase the life of your equipment while protecting the safety of employees.
  • You'll want to consistently review, update, and enforce cleaning and sanitization practices in your office as your team's return. An occurrence of coronavirus in your office could be the end to your business entirely - stay away from health issues by getting ahead of them.

Keeping Offices Clean and Employees Safe

While offices were clean before, there is a new initiative to ensure proper and extensive – sanitization is taking place across your business locations. Be sure that all equipment is regularly cleaned and sanitized and that employees are following similar protocols in their departments and offices.

Protecting employees, clients, and entire companies are essential in today's world by partaking in thorough and regular cleaning in your whole office. Include your office equipment in your efforts, and your building will be good to go!

Work with Your Team

Your team of professionals at Usherwood Office Technologies is here to help with any questions you may have about how to clean and sanitize equipment properly.