Top Industries That are Moving to Remote Surveillance Trailers

Security Cameras & Access Control

When you think of security cameras, you might imagine bullet or dome cameras. These cameras are typically installed on ceilings, walls, or above doors. However, security technology has advanced to include remote security cameras mounted on portable trailers.

If you're wondering about who uses these trailers and if they may be helpful for your business, here are the top industries that use this technology.

1. Construction & Job Site Security

The most prominent industry that utilizes remote location security cameras is construction. Jobsite security cameras must be flexible to move from location to location without too much fuss. Construction site surveillance systems are responsible for protecting workers and companies alike, ensuring that safety measures are adhered to any any accidents are documented.

Some trailers are solar powered, which is a popular feature for construction site security cameras since they don't need an external power source.

2. Farm and Ranch Security

Industrial farming has created the need for portable surveillance systems to ensure productivity and safety for farm workers, livestock and equipment.

When WiFi and power sources are unavailable, farm security cameras must be capable of generating their own power in remote locations. Mobile security camera trailers are a durable to withstand the elements, which is another must-have for farm cameras.

3. Oil and Gas Security

The oil and gas industry also widely uses mobile surveillance. Areas like pipelines, pump stations, oil rigs, and oil refineries need to comply to regulatory safety standards as well as ensure:

  • Productivity & workforce management
  • Emergency detection
  • Theft deterrence
  • Proper use and care of equipment

Some popular features needed by these types of businesses include night vision for overnight surveillance and live, real-time monitoring to keep a watchful eye on all activities.

4. Recycling Yards

Recycling or scrap yards can be tough to monitor, as there is often weak or no internet connection to hook up cloud security cameras. Theft and vandalism are continual threats to these businesses, so they need sophisticated security camera systems to capture faces, license plates, and other details.

This combination of needs can be solved by mobile security trailers with solar panels to supply power. Scrap yards and recycling yards are constantly changing environments, and mobile surveillance units can help you flexibly monitor the premises.

Scrap yards often use portable security camera trailers to:

  • Track equipment and materials as they are moved around
  • Alert any disturbances and connect with Police Dispatch
  • Deter theft and property damage with highly visible surveillance
  • Identify people and objects day and night through video analytics

5. Wildlife Management

Basic trail cameras just don't cut it for wildlife preserves, sanctuaries, or extensive private hunting land. Businesses, individuals, and public parks that track wildlife populations need enhanced security and surveillance technology to protect their property and the environment.

Wildlife and game management are made easier by surveillance trailers because they offer:

  • Motion detection to locate and track animals or trespassers
  • Peace of mind for wildlife conservation efforts
  • Evidence for law enforcement investigations

Mobile security units are also more environmentally friendly, as they often run off internal batteries charged by built-in solar panels.

6. Car dealerships

Another major industry that's opting for mobile video surveillance systems is automotive dealerships. These businesses most often need parking lot camera trailers to monitor their inventory and deter theft or vandalism.

Through advanced facial and license plate recognition technology, car dealerships are able to document any suspicious activity to protect their inventory. The mobility of security trailers allows them to be moved frequently. This means they can monitor any areas where inventory is stored - a valuable attribute for car dealership security.

Types of Remote Security Units

There are multiple types of mobile security trailers on the market. The two main types include solar surveillance trailers and solar surveillance skids.

The main difference between trailers and skids or "micro skids" is that trailers are on wheels and skids are not. However, this is not true for all manufacturers. Another difference tends to be that trailers are pricier than their skid counterparts, often making skids a more economical mobile security solution.

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