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Eliminate harmful germs on your printers and copiers with these simple tips:

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It is important to ensure a clean and germ-free environment for employees. When it comes to sanitizing offices, one thing that can be overlooked is cleaning office equipment like copiers and printers that are being handled every day by a lot of people. For this reason, we have provided the necessary information to clean your copiers and printers without having to worry about damaging them. Not only will this decrease the risk of employees spreading germs in the office, but it will also keep office equipment looking as good as new!

Usherwood suggests these three products when it comes to cleaning your workplace device.

  1. Lint Free Cloth
  2. Isopropyl alcohol (70% alcohol or higher)
  3. Disposable Gloves

Never use any products containing ammonia or bleach.  This can cause significant damage to your equipment, often resulting in costly repairs.  The recommended sanitization steps involve antibacterial products such as, alcohol wipes, disinfectant sprays, or disinfectant wipes. A specific disinfectant that we recommend is Isopropyl alcohol. You can start by applying Isopropyl alcohol to a lint free cloth. Never spray directly on any surfaces and if using a cloth, always make sure it is lint free.  Do not soak the lint free cloth with the cleaning solution or it can cause water damage to the equipment. The only product that should be used on glass surfaces are cleaners specifically made for glass applied with indirect application and once again using a lint free microfiber cloth to hand wipe down the device, including the display, keypad, and all the jam release handle and cover. Isopropyl can be used to clean glass, but after cleaning with this product it is a good idea to go over the surface again with a glass cleaner. Note that using bleach or other chemicals to clean the device can be harmful or cause damage.

If you are looking for upgraded protection on touch screens and willing to incur a slightly higher expense, then anti-microbial film may be the choice for you.  This is a protective film that can be applied to touch surfaces and can withstand harsher cleaning chemicals. Cleaning your devices properly is not only important for the health and safety of everyone using the equipment but, also for the equipment itself. 

For any more questions regarding the best way to clean a specific device, call us at 800.724.2119