How HP Printers and Toner Cartridges Will Drastically Improve Your Printer Security

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HP is a leading print manufacturer in endpoint security. Their printers offer a unique set of security features, and some of which are even exclusive to the brand. With hackers finding new ways to target businesses, experts warn that digital printers may be a vulnerable endpoint for malicious cyber-attacks.

How Printers Factor Into Your Cybersecurity Plan

You may not think about cybersecurity when ordering office supplies. However, your toner cartridges pose a risk for cyber attacks due to the chips inside of them that allow them to communicate with the printer. Your printer is an endpoint to your network, so whatever malware that can be injected into toner cartridge chips can get right past your firewall and infect your network.

Consider More Than Price When Selecting Printers and Toner

Which brand of toner you buy matters a great deal. You’ll want toner cartridges from trusted brands, and since HP knows a thing or two about cyber-attack detection from being a computer manufacturer, they have applied some of these features to their printers.

There are many factors to consider when deciding on where to get your toner from. The discovery of toner hacking capabilities came about when ethical hackers were able to inject malware into reprogrammable toner cartridges. HP office printer cartridges are made with this in mind. Check out this video for more information on HP toner cartridge security.

Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) In HP Printers

EDR has become an industry standard for protecting devices within businesses. This technology has been applied to HP printers, making them secure by design. This means that the devices are manufactured with cybersecurity in mind.

Unlike traditional anti-virus technology, EDR doesn’t just detect known patterns of malware attacks. EDR will detect zero-day attacks, which are brand-new methods of attack that regular anti-virus wouldn’t recognize as a threat.

Memory Shield Printer Security Features in HP Office Printers

Another feature that makes HP printers especially secure is the Memory Shield technology found within the machines. This feature uses AI to detect abnormal behavior within the system’s memory, especially zero-day attacks. When suspicious activity is detected, the printer will automatically reboot to a safe state, effectively self-healing from the attack. This feature is designed to be activated at all times and cannot be turned off by hackers.

Which HP Multi Function Printers Are Right For My Business?

The cybersecurity features mentioned above can be found in the Enterprise class of HP printers. For a business, investing in commercial multifunction printers is best due to the advanced security features specially designed to defend businesses from cyber-attacks.

Assess Your Existing Printer Fleet and Upgrade

With every new discovery in endpoint vulnerabilities, HP and other brands respond by developing new security features and software patches to account for them. It’s crucial to ensure your current fleet is updated with the latest patches and consider refreshing your models if they are no longer supported by software updates.

Look for an HP dealer who can advise you on the best multifunction printers for your industry, as there are many models to choose from. Not all lines of printers are made the same, and depending on the compliance requirements in your industry, you may need certain specific data security features.

To learn about HIPAA compliance and how it relates to printing security, read our blog, Healthcare Data Breaches: Does Your Printer Put You At Risk?

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