Square9 GlobalSearch


With the GlobalCapture document capture automation software it’s easy to map document processes on a drag & drop design canvas, where you can define each step of the transformation by arranging document workflow activities.

  • Capture documents from virtually any source including MFPs, production scanners, email servers, watched network directories or other external data sources.
  • Classify Documents Classify Use forms recognition to automatically classify and capture documents. With Rapid Adapt Forms Learning, new classification projects can be created on the fly for handling the ongoing training of evolving document capture processes.
  • Extract Mine information from your documents using powerful extraction tools including structured and unstructured Optical Character Recognition, Barcode Recognition, Tabular Data Extraction, Database Lookups and more.
  • Validate Checking the integrity of your information before it’s shared to downstream applications is critical to any type of data capture automation. GlobalCapture provides OCR confidence reporting and other essential validation checks to ensure data accuracy.
  • Route Automatically route your documents to the destination of your choice, including network shares that GlobalCapture creates and names on the fly. With automated email notifications your users will be kept in the loop when new documents become available.
  • Release In addition to releasing to a file share, GlobalCapture can also release to any document management software including direct integration with GlobalSearch ECM software, Microsoft SharePoint and more.