The Business of Cybercrime: How Hackers Make Money

Event Details

Join Usherwood and Huntress’s resident expert, Ethan Tancredi as we discuss how cybersecurity is more crucial now than ever before. Cybercriminals are operating with a level of organization akin to legitimate businesses.  Staying proactive in cybersecurity is not an option; it's a necessity to protect your assets and data in an increasingly interconnected world.

In our webinar you will understand:

  • Hacking from fun to profit
  • Rise of ransomware
  • Hacking as a business
  • Building a defense

Date: Thursday, October 5th

Time: 11:00 am

Location: Webinar

About Huntress

 Huntress is the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for SMBs. Their solutions are part of Usherwood’s Odyssey Aegis platform that shields clients’ networks from attacks and ensures they are continuously optimized through the lifetime of their agreement.  They deliver instant time-to-value, f threat detection, response, and security awareness capabilities previously accessible only to enterprise-class organizations. 

About the Panelist

Ethan Tancredi has over 18 years experience in the cybersecurity sector. He has been a Sales Engineer at Huntress since 2022. His goal is to help educate people on cybersecurity and best practices.