Tips for Upgrading Your Law Firm’s Office Equipment

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Law offices are part of a document-heavy industry that has found many solutions for digital use, but still needs plenty of hard copy files. This is something to recognize about your industry and evaluate ways to make the best of it. Mostly by finding investments for office equipment that can cut how much you spend on paper and hard copy materials.

Upgrades mean Big Savings

If your office equipment is old (or even just older), one of the most substantial ways to make a difference may be an upgrade. With new technology, you can find more efficient uses of supplies, security technology, and overall function with a new machine than by trying to find better solutions with outdated equipment.

These upgrades may be an upfront cost, but the savings are reflected in monthly savings on print and copier supplies and repairs, and also in productivity. Imagine if your administrative team spent less time troubleshooting the copier and struggling with issues and more time on their focused roles. They’d be happier and more productive. It’s not the first thing that law firms consider for budgets and efficiencies, but upgrading old machines makes a big difference.

Improve Workflows with New Features

Consider new features when investing in a new machine for optimal return on your investment.

Some favorite technology updates include:

  • Password protected print
  • Supply oversight
  • Advanced MFPs
  • Reduced traffic
  • No wait times
  • High quality and high volume

Invest in Quality

Quality is your final primary consideration, so be sure that you are looking at reputable brands but also working with a high-level vendor partner. Usherwood Office Technology has been in the business since 1976 - long enough to help many other firms make a smart, new investment for managing hard copy supplies and materials in a print environment. Get in touch today.