How to Save Money on Office Copiers


The office copier - or any office equipment- is an essential part of the office environment, because it helps business flow. For meetings, collaboration, and innovation, employees need to be able to print, copy, scan, fax, and email documents to essential coworkers and partners.

While the equipment is essential, there is the chance that your copier may cost more than you think. It’s probably time to run some numbers and see what hidden copier and printer costs you are paying that can easily be eliminated.

Managing Costs of Office Copiers

Managing costs starts with a few key questions for your team:

  • Are we efficiently using our copier?
  • Can we go digital in other ways to save money on supplies?
  • Have we maintained our equipment for optimal functionality?

With those questions, you have a great start to revisiting how to make your copiers and printers work for you. Often, it just takes a short analysis to check in on costs of supplies, maintenance, and office habits before you can quickly identify how to reduce costs.

Using Equipment to Your Benefit

Using the equipment to your benefit is what it is there for. To do this, take the above information and apply it to your copy environment.

Then, consider if you have the best machine for your workplace, workflow, and employees. Is your machine working for you? If not, you may also want to consider a more efficient copier that directly meets your needs and fits in your budget.

Get Started

Cutting costs on your office copiers is easy when you have an efficient machine and an expert vendor partner. Ready to see how you can save? Let’s talk.