3 Ways to Know It's Time to Upgrade Your Copier


Printers and copiers are critical parts of the workplace, and they are part of the team. Part productivity, part cheerleader, part admin support, your printer, and copier can make a big difference in how your office gets the work done.

Technology in Copiers

Copier technology is quickly advancing, and when your machine stops working, it can impact your operations. It may be that the tech isn’t updated, or it may be that the equipment failed. Either way, you need to keep your equipment functioning because it impacts your business’s bottom line and your employees’ effectiveness.

As technology advances, the best thing to do is to stay aware of changes that can support your industry and business, so that when it’s time to make a change, you know what kind of features you’re interested in. But it’s okay if you haven’t done that – the professional team at Usherwood Office Technology has your back on printer and copier technology too.

When it’s Time for an Upgrade

How do you know when it’s time to make a change before the machine shuts down and never starts again? Here are three key things to look out for.

  1. Too much maintenance If the requests keep flooding in and you can barely get anything done, it’s time for a new copier.

  2. Security shortages Your business needs security from all angles, and if your equipment doesn’t offer it, that’s setting you back and can put your whole organization at risk.

  3. Needs are changing This is normal but can also mean that with the growth of your business, you need to expand your equipment too. Make sure your copier or printer can roll with your growth and, if not – talk to Usherwood Office Technology about a new machine.

Ask the Team

Copiers matter – your business efficiency, productivity, and supply costs can rest on the copier you have. Talk to the team at Usherwood Office Technology today to get started on the right foot.